The Forbidden Treasure of Li-Zhao

Jim, Ed and I played a game of Pulp Alley a few weeks ago. It's an interesting game with quirky mechanics centered around an activation system based on advantage. In short, the player with initiative declares which player gets to activate a figure next; initiative is determined by what players do, and can switch hands multiple times in a turn. It plays pretty quickly once the players are used to the rules, but it has some interesting twists that take getting used to.

Deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia, an ancient tomb holds unimaginable wealth and power for those who can take it. With the Tomb of Li-Zhao recently revealed, dozens have come to take what they can. Who will succeed?

Captain Rogers'crew (played by Jim) is about to brave the river.  If the treasure of Li-Zhao is all the legends say, they will all be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Commander Varken (Ed) landed his Zeppelin troopen close by.  They will claim the treasure of Li-Zhao for Der Fuhrer and the Fatherland, beginning with the glint of metal showing from this strange well. This is a"Plot Point"in the rules, and capturing it is worth a victory point.

Doc Rocket (myself), with his trusty sidekicks Captain Halsey and Sarge, cross a stream and approach the site from the west.

While his men, Doc Rocket's team and the Zeppelin troopen had a three way gunfight, Captain Rogers captured the treasure of Li-Zhao itself (another Plot Point).

Doc Rocket and his teammates spent several turns searching through the abandoned archaeological encampment while dodging bullets.  Finally they turned up a strange amulet (a third Plot Point).

At this point we ended the game, as Ed had to leave early. Jim could easily escape to the south where I couldn't stop him.  The main Plot Point he captured was worth three victory points, beating the one point each of us had for the Plot Points Ed and I took.

It was an interesting game.  I'd like to give it a try again some time, though I also have some other pulp rule sets I want to give a spin as well.