Game on June 15, 20204

SATURDAY -- June 15, 2024

Location:  Jay Stribling’s house    MAP
Scale:  25mm
Title:  Battle for Lübeck - North Gate, 6 Nov 1806
Setting:  After the defeat at Jena-Auerstadt, General Leutnant von Blücher escaped from the Prussian debacle and took shelter in the Hanseatic city-state of Lübeck.  There he is attacked by the pursuing French columns commanded by Marshal Bernadotte.
See for more details.  
Rules:  Commands & Colors Napoleonic
Notes:  Please RSVP to Jay so he can have enough provisions. 
Gamemaster:  Jay Stribling

Game on Saturday, June 1, 2024

SATURDAY June 1, 2024

Location:  Alex Kirk's house [enter through garage and come up stairs]   MAP
Scale:  1:285 (Microarmor)
Title:  Battle at Alfeld.
Setting:  A fictitious engagement around Alfeld, Germany.  The scenario is based on the Red Storm Rising battle at Alfeld where General-Colonel Pavel Leonidovich Alekseyev leads the Soviet 20th Tank Division against the British 6 Armored Brigade. 
Rules:  Alex's modified Fist Full of Tows 3.
Notes:  This is his playtest for Bayou Wars convention next weekend.  Lunch will be sandwiches. 
             Please RSVP to Alex at 
Gamemaster:  Alex Kirk

Game on Saturday, May 18, 2024

SATURDAY, May 18, 2024

Location:  Fondren Presbyterian Church library   MAP
Scale:  25mm
Title: "The Road to Berlin (with apologies to Hope and Crosby)
Setting:  A fictitious action between elements of the French Army of berlin and the Prussian III Korps in the fall of 1813.
Rules:  Valour and Fortitude

Game on Saturday, May 4, 2024 -- "May the Fourth Be with You!

Game: Saturday May 4, 2024 at 10:00 am
Location: Alex Kirk's house    MAP
Scale: 1:200 (+/-) spacecraft
Title: Hit and Run
Setting: The Rebel Alliance doesn’t have the numbers for an all out battle with the Empire. They have formed small but strong groups of fighters that appear attack and cause as much damage as they can and then jump back to hyper-space. A group of fighters led by Luke Skywalker has appeared at the Imperial held planet of Wobani. They are to cause as much damage as possible.
This time it appears that the Empire has guessed their target and a larger than usual Imperial force is ready for them. Darth Vader himself is leading this group of fighters.
Who will be victorious? Who will be blasted into the nothingness of space?
Rules: Star Wars - X-Wing
Notes: Lunch will be sandwiches. If everyone would RSVP to Alex so we have enough that would be appreciated.
Gamemaster: Ed Sansing

Game on Saturday, April 20, 2024

SATURDAY April 20, 2024

Location:  Jay Stribling’s house   MAP
Scale:  15mm
Title:  Battle of Paraitacene in 317 BC
Setting:  A battle between two of Alexander's "Successors" - Antigonus and Eumenes.  If we have time after that, we will fight the battle of Gabiene between the same two generals in 316 BC.  These battles take place during the Second War of the Diadochi.
Rules:  Commands & Colors Ancients.
Notes:  A light lunch will be provided.
Gamemaster:  Jay Stribling