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July, August, September and October 2021

Saturday October 2, 2021–10am

Location: Jay Stribling's Home

Scale: 20mm

Title: Flogging the Assyrians

Rules: Pharaoh Rides to War

Game Master: Jay Stribling

Notes:The game will used Eric Teuber's old (30+ years old) 20mm armies of  Egypt and Assyrians.

Saturday October 16–10am

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church Library

Scale: 25mm

Title:Russo-Japanese war

Rules: I can not remember the name of the rules, but they are the same ones that we used in his last RJW game.

Game Master: Steve Haller

Notes: This game will use Steve's"True 25mm"RJW armies.

Saturday October 30

Location: Alex Kirk's home in Forest Ms

Scale: 6mm

Title: WWII Armor game

Rules: Memoir 44 rules from the Board game of the same name.

Game master: Alex Kirk

Notes: A fun game in Alex's splendid"Wargamer's man Cave"

Saturday September 18–10am

Location:Jay Stribling's Home

Scale: 25mm

Title:  Cavalry Action on the Way to Leipzig

Rules: To the Sound of the Guns

Game Master: Jim Pitts

Setting:    A meeting engagement somewhere south of ParisAs the allied Armies of the North and of Silesia advance south towards Leipzig, part of the cavalry of the Grande Armee attempts to halt their advance cavalry force.

Notes:Specific cavalry oriented play sheets will be available.A light lunch will be provided

Saturday September 4–10am

Location:Strawberry Patch Park in Madison (smaller yellow house behind larger one at 7574 Old Canton Rd. across from MRA athletic field)

Scale: 25mm

Title: The battle of Eutaw Springs

Rules: Whites of Their Eyes

Game Master: Steve Haller

Notes:  This was the last large battle in the Carolinas during the American Revolution.  There will be  250 BritishLoyalist figures facing an attack by 300 Americans from Steve’s 25mm collection.

SATURDAY August 7 – 10am

Location:Jay Stribling's Home MAP—


Title: The battle of Perryville 1962

Rules:For this battle in the American Civil War we will use Larry Brom's"ACW rules"

Game Master: Larry Reeves

A light lunch will be provided so that we will lose less time.[[/emphasis]]

SATURDAY August 21 – 10am

Location:Fondren Presbyterian Church Library


Title:  Tanks, Tanks, and More Tanks! The Battle of Prokhorovka, July 1943

Rules:Memoir 44‘Overlord'(Epic)

Game Masters: Jim Pitts and Jay Stribling

Notes:  This will be quite a large game.   The tank battle of Prokhorovka was a clash between two immense armored forces. As the SS Panzer Corps started its advance, the Soviet artillery erupted and soon after the 5th Guards Tank Army under Gen. Pavel Rotmistrov accelerated toward the German advance. Rotmistrov's plan was to close quickly to negate the advantage held by the longer range German tanks.The fighting became a swirling melee and soon the battlefield was littered with the shattered remains of smoking armor. Losses on both sides were enormous. Combined, over 700 tanks were lost and because the battlefield remained in Soviet control the Germans could not recover and repair their losses.

Notes on the Location:We are finally getting to return to my church for a club game.But there are a couple of considerations for attending—If you are fully vaccinated, you are encouraged to wear a mask; if you are not fully vaccinated, you must wear a mask.These are not my directions, but those of the Session of the church.As an officer of the church, I must insist that these considerations be followed, especially the latter one.Right now with the proliferation of the Delta variant among the unvaccinated, we must all be especially careful.

There will also be some members of the church there preparing the Meals on Wheels in the Fellowship Hall.If the front door is locked, please call my cell phone (769-226-5754) and someone will come let you in.If the door is unlocked, please walk all the way down the hall, take a quick right then left, and continue down to the library at the end of that hall.

Jim Pitts

SATURDAY July 3 – 10am

Location:Jay Stribling’s house MAP—


Title: The battle of Quinby Bridge and Plantation.

Rules:We will use Larry Brom's The Sword and the Flame rules.

Game Master: Jay Stribling standing in for Steve Haller

A light lunch will be provided so that we will lose less time.

SATURDAYJuly 17 – 10am

Location:Jay Stribling’s house MAP—


Title: Rage among the mercenaries

Rules:Renaissance Rules by Dave Tuck

Scenario: various bands of mercenary Condottiere soldiers fight in Italy to advance the cause of France or Spain.  Set in the 1500s, this is the period of the most colorful armies of all time.

Game Master: Jay Stribling

A light lunch will be provided so that we will lose less time.

Germany 1986

On February 2, 2019, the Jackson Gamers played a "Third World War" game set around 1986 at Jay Stribling's home. The Third World War which devastated much of Germany but had surprisingly little impact on the rest of the world was the subject of our game played on  February 2nd 2019.

The first five photos were taken by Jim Pitts, while the last two were taken by Ed Sansing.  Ed was also the game-master and rules teacher.  The Jackson gamers had very limited previous experience with theseCold War Commanderrules and that contributed to a long time for questioning and cogitation for each turn.

An American infantry company with an attached M1 Abrams tank platoon has "seen off" a Soviet push by a similar sized Motor Rifle company.  The photo was taken from the top of the hill occupied by the U.S. troops.

On the left center of the U.S. line, a Czech Motor Rifle battalion (less one company) moves menacingly toward a lightly held patch of woods.  Fire from the left and right of the woods later damaged this Czech unit but it remained powerful, but slow to move, during the game.

On the extreme right of the line, a troop of U.S. cavalry surprises the Russian Motor Rifle battalion.  The ambush did not go as planned and both sides suffered casualties.  Note the light vehicle being driven recklessly down the hillside.

A broad view of the right center part of the American lines.

Another view of the left center of the U.S. line with the extreme left in view on the right side of the image.

The attacking Warsaw Pact Czech players, on the attack, from the left, were Bryan Green, Jay Stribling, Sean Pitts. To their left were the Soviet players: John Murdaugh, Jay Ainsworth, and Steve Haller.

The Americans who were on the defense were (left to right) Jim Pitts, Mark Gilbert and Phil Young.

So, who won this game?  Well that has not exactly been decided.  Both sides had bad luck with command response die rolls.  At critical times orders were not delivered to appropriate units–wrong die number rolled.  On the Soviet's left flank, there was even a "command blunder" with units moving in the opposite direction from that which their commander (Steve Haller) wanted.

Ed Sansing, who ran the game, stated "Each side could (kinda) claim victory." So both sides will!

Hobkirk’s Hill

On Saturday September 29th the Jackson Gamers played a game at Fondren Presbyterian Church. This was the battle of Hobkirk's hill from the American Revolution.

The Battle lines

This is a battle report by the gamemaster Steve Haller who also wrote the rules that we used, and painted the lovely "true 25mm" figures that we used.

As happened during the historical battle, the American skirmish line of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia light infantry delayed and harassed the British advance. The American artillery unmasked on turn 2 on the hill and began inflicting additional casualties. William Washington's dragoons rode around the British left flank through a woods over a small ford, scattering their skirmishers and threatening that flank and their rear. Coffin's NY Dragoons rode hard over from the British right, and with support of the single 6-pounder now coming out from Log Town, defeated and routed Washington's dragoons. The large infantry battle raged as the Virginia and Maryland Continental brigades came down off the hill supported by their 2 guns and also the NC Riflemen and Militia on their left flank. Although outnumbered and suffering heavy losses, the mainly Loyalist regulars and the 63rd British Foot gave as good as they received, soon sending a Maryland and a Virginia regiment back.

The battle ended with the Americans still holding their original position on Hobkirk's Hill, but suffering over 53% casualties and missing. The losses were  heaviest among both Maryland regiments, the Delaware light infantry and Washington's dragoons; a Virginia regiment also routed. The British suffered heavier losses at 66% casualties and missing, especially among the infantry of 63rd Foot, King's American Regiment, SC Loyalist Regiment and Loyalist light infantry. The fortunes of war shifted a couple of times, but the final result was in a Marginal American Victory according tothe Whites of Their Eyesrules.

William Washington's dragoon (in white) make a doomed charge against the British Loyalist cavalry who are supported by a small gun and the fire of riflemen (at bottom of image).