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Battle for the Jungle Planet

It was a newly discovered Earth-type planet whose soil was very compatible to growing Earth-style crops.  It was a find to be claimed by the strongest.  But who would that be—the Draconis Combine or the Federated Suns?

We used the mech forces raised by Sean P.  The rules were "Battle Tech–Alpha Strike" which are a simplified variant of the standard Battle Tech rules.  We like them because they play quicker and are easier to recall from one game to another over a period of months between the two games.

Each nation-state sent a veteran combat company to claim the planet for their own.  Let the battle begin!

A Draconis Combine platoon advances through the high grasses.

Their Draconis commander consults his battle plan as he opens fire on the Federated Suns force opposite him.

The other Draconis platoon advances against a single Federated mech.  Is he separated from his battle comrades?

The other Federated Suns platoon starts to receive fire from the Draconis platoon.

Two Federated mechs (black in center and green behind tall grass) are attacked by three Draconis mechs.  Who will come out on top?

The battle continues as the two Federated mechs stand back to back against the three Draconis mechs.

But one of each falls through close battle damage, leaving the little Federated Enforcer mech facing two Draconis mechs.

In the center of the action, a Federated Black Knight mech (brown camouflage on left) watches his red and black painted Enforcer battle buddy succumbs to the fire of a Draconis No-Dachi mech (red on right).

Later in the battle, one of the Federated platoons has been wiped out.  The two Draconis platoons (right background and foreground) now gang up on the lone Federated platoon (center and left foreground).

Closing in from all directions the Draconis mechs finally blast the remaining Federated mechs into scrap metal, winning the planet for the Draconis Combine!

We had time for a second battle but only one photograph survived.  A Draconis battle team of a Strider (left), Komodo (center–gray), and Jenner (right) mech seek cover before firing on their Federated opponents.  Unfortunately all three of these Draconis mechs were later destroyed by the Federated forces.  But that didn't do the Federated forces any good as they were forced back to their landing zone by the stronger Draconis force.

In the first game, the four players each had a platoon of four mechs.  In the second game each had a half-company of six mechs.

A fun time was had by all even though the Federated commanders couldn't roll hits worth a hoot.  If they needed an 8 or better to hit, then they rolled a 7.  The dice just weren't in their favor.

The (Very) Short Life of a Battle Tech Mech

Today my son ran a Battle Tech game for our group. Even with the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, there were six of us there. The scenario was a gladitorial arena type game where all of us were against each other.

My mech was rather small and only had two offensive weapons although one was potentially lethal to an opponent.

My main opponent turned out to be the mech of Bill H.  With that axe, I didn't want him to get into hand-to-hand fighting range.

I attempted to persuade Bill to gang up with me against Ed S.

But when Ed moved away, I decided to move against Bill.  That was not a good idea.  Bill and I traded shots in the second turn and he blew my head off my shoulders.

That quickly ended my job as a mech gladiator!  Also that turn John M. had his head blown off by Jay S., who in turn had his head blown off by Fred D. and Ed S.  Then Ed had his head blown off by Fred, who then suffered the same fate courtesy of Bill.  So six mechs entered the arena and five of us had our heads blown off.  Very unusual game, to say the least!