Gofundme Account for Christy Brom

Dear Fellow Wargamer,

The link below will enable you to donate to an account on Gofundme.com for Christy Brom.  This is to help financially after the sudden death of her sister Lori Brom.  Christy's parents Larry and Sarah Brom died some time ago.  Jay Stribling, a fellow wargamer, is the manager of the account and will receive no funds as part of this.

Gofundme takes 2.9% of each donation as "their cut".  The other 97.1% will be given to Christy Brom.

NOTICE:  Please note that donors need to be careful at checkout on the Gofundme page.  Gofundme has an "optional" tip amount already set of 15% that will be charged it the donor does not cancel or adjust this amount.  This does not come out of the donated amount but is an extra percentage - which is kept by Gofundme.

Thank you so much for your support.