Game - Saturday Feb. 4, 2023

Location:  Alex Kirk’s house in Forest   MAP

Scale:  1:285

Title:  Panzers March!

Setting:  August 1985.  Elements of the 2nd Guards Army have crossed the inner-German border east of Hamburg and surrounded the 71st Heimatschutz Regiment (Territorial Army) near Büchen.  The 18th Panzer Brigade/ 6th Panzer Division has been ordered to plug the gap and relieve the besieged Jaegers.

Rules:  A Fistful of TOWs, 2nd Edition (modified by Alex)

Notes:  Sandwiches & salad for lunch, so please RSVP to Alex so he has enough vittles.  Carpooling/convoying from Jay’s house so plan on arriving by 9:15.  Let Jay know if you’re coming.

Gamemaster:  Alex Kirk