Game - July, 2nd 2022

SATURDAY July 2, 2022 at 10:00 am

Location: Strawberry Patch Park in Madison. We will be in the Little Strawberry House across from Madison Ridgeland Academy's athletic stadium on Old Canton Road just south of St. Augustine and north of Bruce Campbell (Air) Field.    MAP

 Scale:  25mm.

 Title: Going down to the River.

 Setting:  Russo-Japanese War.  A reinforced Japanese infantry division must take a vital river crossing initially defended by a Russian brigade with artillery in a nearby redoubt. Russian reinforcements and some feral Cossacks are have also been sent to the scene.

 Rules: Joe Morchhauser's "old school" 1962 rules.

 Notes: Please RSVP to Steve by this Friday morning, 1 July, if you are coming to the game.

 Gamemaster:  Steve Haller