Game - July 16, 2022

SATURDAY, June, 16, 2022

Location: Alex Kirk's house in Forest  [Turn off US Hwy 80 at the American Legion & VFW Lodges, M-60 MBT]     MAP

Scale: 1:285 microarmor

Title: Hell in Alsfeld!

Setting: The 3rd Shock Army, Group of Soviet Forces, Germany is forcing the Fulda Gap against the 1st (US) Armored Division, V (US) Corps.

Rules: “A Fistful of TOWs”

Notes: Please RSVP to Alex so he can ensure there are enough provisions for everyone (waffles cooked by his wife. Yum! Yum!)

Gamers coming from the Jackson metro area can rendezvous at Jay's house for carpooling/convoy to Alex's.

Gamemaster: Alex Kirk  (cell phone is 972-342-6712