Game for May 7, 2022

Due to a lack of response the game has been postponed.

Location:  Little Strawberry House in Strawberry Park, Madison.  On Old Canton Road across the street from Madison-Ridgeland Academy.

Scale:  25mm

Title:  Defending the Redoubt

Setting:  Somewhere in Manchuria in 1905.  A 10,000-man Japanese division of 2 large infantry brigades supported by artillery and dragoons is advancing on a key river crossing.  A small Russian infantry brigade with artillery is defending in a large redoubt; they can be reinforced by 3 other small infantry brigades and Cossacks in the area (Russian forces also number 10,000 men). 

Rules:  Rules in Joe Morschauser’s 1962 classic How to Play War Games in Miniature.

Notes:  RSVP Steve Haller if you plan to come to Madison.  Lunch will be sandwich fixings. Start time is 10:00 a.m. We should be finished about 3:00 p.m.

Gamemaster:  Steve Haller