August 20th Game

SATURDAY August 20, 2022  [at 10:00 am]

Location:  Alex Kirk's house in Forest, MS.    MAP  Look for the M-60 tank at the American Legion/VFW lodges just before the turn off US Hwy 80 and then the Texas A&M cover on his mailbox.

Scale:  1:285 microarmor

Title:  We Gotta Make That Flight!

Setting:  The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division fights the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend over possession of the Carpiquet airfield: June 07 - June 09, 1944.  Scenario -- 

Rules:  Memoir '44 (Overlord Expansion)

Notes:  Please RSVP to Alex [ ] if you are coming so his quartermaster can procure enough provisions (sandwiches, etc.).

For Jackson metro area games, we'll rendezvous at Jay's house about 9:15 to carpool/convoy to Alex's.

Gamemaster:  Alex Kirk