April 2nd Game

SATURDAY April 2, 2022

Location:   Jay Stribling's house 

Scale:  15mm 

Title:  Battle of Lessie's Moor, 24 June 1643 

Setting:  After muttering over ale pots all winter, the supporters of the rightful King and the supporters of the Parliament have decided to punish their foes in Borsetshire.  The forces have gathered, many toasts have been drunk, and the matches are lit. 

Rules:  "For King and Parliament" 

Notes:  This is a fictitious scenario developed by the creators of the rule set.  The players generalship will be tested by the relative scarcity of general officers, divided commands, and close terrain.  We'll see several different types of foot and horse as well as some artillery for this second game using FKaP. 

Gamemaster:  Jim Pitts