April 16, 2022 Game

Location: Alex Kirk's house in Forest.  Address is 211 Greenview Drive.

Jackson metro attendees normally rendezvous at Jay's house by 9:30 to carpool/convoy to Alex's.  Contact Jay if you plan on doing that. 

Scale:  1:285/6mm 

Title:  Hedgerow Hell! 

Setting:  The Americans continue their slog through the Normandy hedgerows to capture St. Lo.  Elite German fallschirmjäger units bolster the German defenses.  

Rules:  Memoir '44 played using 1:285 microarmor and infantry. 

Gamemaster:  Alex Kirk 

Notes:  Alex will provide sandwiches and light snacks to refuel the combatants. This information provided by Jim Pitts. Gaming schedule maintained by Jim Pitts and Jay Stribling. If you are interested in running and/or hosting a game contact one of them.