April 2nd Game

SATURDAY April 2, 2022

Location:   Jay Stribling's house 

Scale:  15mm 

Title:  Battle of Lessie's Moor, 24 June 1643 

Setting:  After muttering over ale pots all winter, the supporters of the rightful King and the supporters of the Parliament have decided to punish their foes in Borsetshire.  The forces have gathered, many toasts have been drunk, and the matches are lit. 

Rules:  "For King and Parliament" 

Notes:  This is a fictitious scenario developed by the creators of the rule set.  The players generalship will be tested by the relative scarcity of general officers, divided commands, and close terrain.  We'll see several different types of foot and horse as well as some artillery for this second game using FKaP. 

Gamemaster:  Jim Pitts 

2nd Quarter Game Schedule

This is our current list of scheduled games and open game days for April, May and June.

April 2 -- English Civil War by Jim Pitts at Jay's house 

April 16 -- Memoir 44 (WW2) by Alex Kirk at his house in Forest 

April 30 -- nothing scheduled yet 

May 7 -- either American Revolution or Russo-Japanese War by Steve Haller in Madison 

May 21 -- nothing scheduled yet 

June 4 -- nothing scheduled yet 

Jun 10-12 -- Bayou Wars convention (30th Anniversary!) in D'Iberville 

Jun 18 -- nothing scheduled yet 

If you want to run a game on any of the open dates, please contact Jay Stribling or Jim Pitts so we can get you on the schedule. 

See you at a game soon!

1st Quarter 2022

Just a quick recap of games played during the 1st Quarter of this year and to get used to posting in the new website format. Stay tuned for the 2nd quarter.

March 19Location - VFW Post at 1918 Washington St., Vicksburg 

Scale: 1/600

Title: Dawn of Iron – Yazoo Devil and the Devils Charge (4 players) and Plum Point Bend and Memphis (6+ players)

Setting: Ironclad actions along the Mississippi River in 1862

Rules: Dawn of Iron - ACW at Sea

March 5 - Location - Alex's house in Forest, MS

Scale: 1/285 - 6mm

Title: Sword of Stalingrad

Setting: Russians versus Germans in the ruins of Stalingrad, featuring NKVD armored train #73.

Rules: Memoir '44 - Overlord Expansion

Feb 19 - Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church; Old Canton Road, Jackson

Scale: 15mm 

Title: Battle of Montgomery, 17 Sep., 1644

Setting: Following the defeat of Prince Rupert at Marston Moor (2 July 1644), the Parliamentarians spent much of the summer clearing the Royalists out of mid-Wales.  In early September, they captured a Royalist ammunition convoy and placed it for safety in Montgomery Castle.  Royalists gathered forces from Cheshire, Lancashire, and Shrewsbury as well as regiments returning from Ireland and laid siege to the castle.  The Parliamentary forces were gathered from Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire to raise the siege.

Rules: "For King and Parliament" -- a square-gridded, card driven rule set.  Instruction and play sheets will be provided.

Feb 5Location: Jay's house - Brandon

Scale: 15mm 

Title: Battle of Falkirk Muir, Jan. 17, 1746 (the first day

Setting: This battle was fought on January 17 & 18, 1746, between the Jacobite army under Lord George Murray, and the Government army under General Henry Hawley.  A two day affair, the Highlanders did very well on the first day.  But the second day's battle saw both sides worn out; they both claimed victory and "went home". 

Rules: Jacobite Rising - A Commands and Colors variant

Jan 29Location: Jay's house - Brandon

Scale: 15mm 

Title: Seelowe Heights, 18-19 April 1945

Setting: Part of the opening of the Russian offensive to take Berlin.  After fierce fighting with high casualties on both sides, Russian Marshal Zuikov's 1st Belorussian Front triumphed over German General Busse's 9th Army. 

Rules: Memoir '44

Jan 17 - In years past a Jackson Gamer who now lives in North Carolina would visit and gamemaster a game on the MLK holiday using the Carnage and Glory game system. This year, due to the uncertainties brought on by the OMICRON variant of COVID, we had to cancel that game.

Jan 15Location: Strawberry Patch small meeting building (“Little Strawberry House”), Madison

Scale: 25mm 

Title: Battle of Cowpens (17 Jan 1781)

Setting: Dan Morgan and his 1,400+ Continentals and militia against “Bloody Ban” Tarleton and his 1,000 British regulars and Tories on the almost 241st anniversary of the battle.

Rules: “Whites of Their Eyes” by Steve Haller 

Jan 1 - No Game

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July, August, September and October 2021

Saturday October 2, 2021–10am

Location: Jay Stribling's Home

Scale: 20mm

Title: Flogging the Assyrians

Rules: Pharaoh Rides to War

Game Master: Jay Stribling

Notes:The game will used Eric Teuber's old (30+ years old) 20mm armies of  Egypt and Assyrians.

Saturday October 16–10am

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church Library

Scale: 25mm

Title:Russo-Japanese war

Rules: I can not remember the name of the rules, but they are the same ones that we used in his last RJW game.

Game Master: Steve Haller

Notes: This game will use Steve's"True 25mm"RJW armies.

Saturday October 30

Location: Alex Kirk's home in Forest Ms

Scale: 6mm

Title: WWII Armor game

Rules: Memoir 44 rules from the Board game of the same name.

Game master: Alex Kirk

Notes: A fun game in Alex's splendid"Wargamer's man Cave"

Saturday September 18–10am

Location:Jay Stribling's Home

Scale: 25mm

Title:  Cavalry Action on the Way to Leipzig

Rules: To the Sound of the Guns

Game Master: Jim Pitts

Setting:    A meeting engagement somewhere south of ParisAs the allied Armies of the North and of Silesia advance south towards Leipzig, part of the cavalry of the Grande Armee attempts to halt their advance cavalry force.

Notes:Specific cavalry oriented play sheets will be available.A light lunch will be provided

Saturday September 4–10am

Location:Strawberry Patch Park in Madison (smaller yellow house behind larger one at 7574 Old Canton Rd. across from MRA athletic field)

Scale: 25mm

Title: The battle of Eutaw Springs

Rules: Whites of Their Eyes

Game Master: Steve Haller

Notes:  This was the last large battle in the Carolinas during the American Revolution.  There will be  250 BritishLoyalist figures facing an attack by 300 Americans from Steve’s 25mm collection.

SATURDAY August 7 – 10am

Location:Jay Stribling's Home MAP—https://tinyurl.com/eyk66xkj


Title: The battle of Perryville 1962

Rules:For this battle in the American Civil War we will use Larry Brom's"ACW rules"

Game Master: Larry Reeves

A light lunch will be provided so that we will lose less time.[[/emphasis]]

SATURDAY August 21 – 10am

Location:Fondren Presbyterian Church Library


Title:  Tanks, Tanks, and More Tanks! The Battle of Prokhorovka, July 1943

Rules:Memoir 44‘Overlord'(Epic)

Game Masters: Jim Pitts and Jay Stribling

Notes:  This will be quite a large game.   The tank battle of Prokhorovka was a clash between two immense armored forces. As the SS Panzer Corps started its advance, the Soviet artillery erupted and soon after the 5th Guards Tank Army under Gen. Pavel Rotmistrov accelerated toward the German advance. Rotmistrov's plan was to close quickly to negate the advantage held by the longer range German tanks.The fighting became a swirling melee and soon the battlefield was littered with the shattered remains of smoking armor. Losses on both sides were enormous. Combined, over 700 tanks were lost and because the battlefield remained in Soviet control the Germans could not recover and repair their losses.

Notes on the Location:We are finally getting to return to my church for a club game.But there are a couple of considerations for attending—If you are fully vaccinated, you are encouraged to wear a mask; if you are not fully vaccinated, you must wear a mask.These are not my directions, but those of the Session of the church.As an officer of the church, I must insist that these considerations be followed, especially the latter one.Right now with the proliferation of the Delta variant among the unvaccinated, we must all be especially careful.

There will also be some members of the church there preparing the Meals on Wheels in the Fellowship Hall.If the front door is locked, please call my cell phone (769-226-5754) and someone will come let you in.If the door is unlocked, please walk all the way down the hall, take a quick right then left, and continue down to the library at the end of that hall.

Jim Pitts

SATURDAY July 3 – 10am

Location:Jay Stribling’s house MAP—https://tinyurl.com/eyk66xkj


Title: The battle of Quinby Bridge and Plantation.

Rules:We will use Larry Brom's The Sword and the Flame rules.

Game Master: Jay Stribling standing in for Steve Haller

A light lunch will be provided so that we will lose less time.

SATURDAYJuly 17 – 10am

Location:Jay Stribling’s house MAP—https://tinyurl.com/eyk66xkj


Title: Rage among the mercenaries

Rules:Renaissance Rules by Dave Tuck

Scenario: various bands of mercenary Condottiere soldiers fight in Italy to advance the cause of France or Spain.  Set in the 1500s, this is the period of the most colorful armies of all time.

Game Master: Jay Stribling

A light lunch will be provided so that we will lose less time.