Game - Saturday March 2, 2024

SATURDAY, March 2, 2024 at 10:00 am

Location:  Alex Kirk's house -- MAP

Scale: 1:285 (6mm)

Title: Battle of Bloody Ridge (AKA Edson's Ridge), Sep. 1942

"Night Attack" by Col Donald Dickson, Marine Corps Art Collection

 Setting: The island of Guadalcanal in the southwest Pacific.

 Rules: Memoir 44

 Notes: Sandwiches will be provided so please RSVP to Alex so he can have enough rations prepared.

 Gamemaster: Alex Kirk

No Club game Feb. 17, 2024

Several members of the Jackson Gamers will be attending and running games at the Siege of Vicksburg gaming convention at the Vicksburg VFW post. The convention runs from Friday, Feb. 16 thru Monday the 19th.

There will be no club game in the Jackson area.

If you are interested in attending the convention use the links below.

Additional details and information --

For badges and event registration --

SATURDAY Feb, 3, 2024

Location:  Fondren Presbyterian Church, 3220 Old Canton Rd, Jackson       MAP

Scale: 15mm

Title: The Battle at Ascalon, 12 August 1098

Setting: After the seizure of Jerusalem, the Crusaders headed south to secure their southern flank against the Fatimid Empire of Egypt.  Encountering the Fatimid army outside the coastal fortress of Ascalon, the Crusaders attacked.

Rules: "To the Strongest!" by Simon Miller

Notes: If the front door is locked, please call my cell phone for admittance.  If the door is open, come in and walk all the way back to the church library.

We will eat at Quizno's sandwich shop just down the street from the church.

Gamemaster: Jim Pitts

Game on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2024

SATURDAY Jan. 20, 2024 at 10:00 am

Location:  Library at Fondren Presbyterian Church    MAP
Scale:  15mm
Title:  Battle of Alt Kirchendorf
Setting: A fictitious battle between His Britannic Majesty's Army in Germany and the Royal French Army somewhere in western Germany during the Seven Years War.
Rules:  "Carnage and Glory" computer assisted rules
If the church door is locked, please call me at 769-226-5754 for admittance.  Otherwise come all the way back to the church library.
Lunch will be chicken chili, brownies, and homemade bread made by my gracious wife.  All you need to bring is your drink.
Gamemaster: Tim Chadwick, one of the original Jackson Gamers, visiting from Mount Airey, North Carolina.

Game on Saturday, January 6, 2024

SATURDAY Jan. 6, 2024 at 10:00 am

Location:  Jay Stribling's house   MAP
Scale: 15mm
Title: Battle of Falkirk Muir, 17 Jan 1746
Setting: With the Jacobite army besieging Stirling Castle, the English relief army under General Hawley is attacked by the Jacobites late in the afternoon.  Fought in failing light and heavy snow, Hawley's left wing was routed but his right held firm and for a while both sides believed themselves to have been defeated. As a result of this confusion, the Jacobites failed to follow up their victory, leading to bitter disputes over responsibility for failure and allowing the government troops to regroup in Edinburgh. Hawley was replaced as commander by General Cumberland and when he resumed the advance on 30 January, the Jacobites abandoned Stirling and withdrew to Inverness. The rebellion later ended at the Battle of Culloden in April, 1746.  [From ]
Rules: "Jacobite Rising"
  • There are two parts to this game scenario and if time allows, we will play both of them.
  • Lunch will be hot dogs.  If anyone has qualms about eating this "highly processed meat product," please let Jay know.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling