2nd Quarter Game Schedule

This is our current list of scheduled games and open game days for April, May and June.

April 2 -- English Civil War by Jim Pitts at Jay's house 

April 16 -- Memoir 44 (WW2) by Alex Kirk at his house in Forest 

April 30 -- nothing scheduled yet 

May 7 -- either American Revolution or Russo-Japanese War by Steve Haller in Madison 

May 21 -- nothing scheduled yet 

June 4 -- nothing scheduled yet 

Jun 10-12 -- Bayou Wars convention (30th Anniversary!) in D'Iberville 

Jun 18 -- nothing scheduled yet 

If you want to run a game on any of the open dates, please contact Jay Stribling or Jim Pitts so we can get you on the schedule. 

See you at a game soon!