Game Saturday June 3rd

Location:   The Little Strawberry House, Madison, Mississippi.    MAP

Scale:  15mm

Title:  An Encounter at Mechanicsburg.

Setting:  During the siege of Vicksburg in early June 1863, the Confederate Army of Relief attempts to break the siege and save Pemberton's army.

Rules:  "A Glint of Bayonets" by Larry Brom

Notes:   This action will be on the 160th anniversary of the encounters between Grant's Army of the Tennessee and Johnson's Army of Relief in the corridor between the Big Black River and the Yazoo River northeast of Vicksburg.

Gamemaster:  Jim Pitts

Provisions will be provided but please let Jim know if you are coming so he'll have enough for everyone.


Hope to see you there!

Game Saturday May 20th.

SATURDAY May 20, 2023

Location:  Jim Pitts’ house (679 Tifton Drive, in south Jackson)    MAP

Scale:  28mm

Title:  The Village

Setting:  Somewhere in British East Africa in the 1890s.  An armed British punitive expedition is dispatched to capture, but not destroy a village of native African tribesmen who have too long disputed the peace of the district.

Rules:  The Sword in Africa/The Sword and the Flame

Notes: For those using IH-55 to access south Jackson, please take the Savannah Street exit as the Daniel Lake exit will be congested due to the Trail of Honor at the Harley Davidson store at the exit.  Once Savannah Street crosses Terry Road the name changes to McCluer Road.  Be mindful that the west bound lane of McCluer Road at the Lakewood South Cemetery is in bad repair due to it sluffing into the roadside drainage ditch.  Road is passable, just take care.

 All provisions will be provided so please do not bring any chips, cookies, or other snacks (per orders of the “Chief of Staff” [my wife]).

 You may park of the street in front of my house or in front of the vacant lot just before my house.

 Gamemaster:  Jim Pitts

Next Game Saturday May 6th

Location:  Jay Stribling's house  MAP

Scale: 15mm

Title:  Battle of Champion Hill, 16 May 1863

 Setting:  Vicksburg Campaign

 Rules:  Morschauser’s “Musket Period Rules”  Modified for ACW

 Notes:  A lot of Regiments that will play fast.

 Gamemaster: Larry Reeves

Game, Saturday, April 15, 2023

SATURDAY April 15, 2023 at 10:00 am

Location:  Ed Sansing’s house   - 2020 Magnolia Cove, Byram, MS

Scale:  1/270 +/-

Title:  On the Outer Rim

Setting:  On the Outer Rim of the galaxy remnants of the Imperial fleet still exist and their commanders have become local warlords. The Rebel Alliance is desperate for supplies to continue to defeat these units. During a rendezvous with some smugglers to receive supplies a group of Imperials appear and the fight is on!

Rules:  Star Wars X-Wing, 1st Edition

Notes: As noted above Ed's ship collection is from the 1st Edition of the game. First edition rules are available online and game play tutorials are on YouTube.

Gamemaster:  Ed Sansing