Who Are We?

The Jackson Gamers are a thoroughly disorganized group of historical miniature gamers who meet on the first , third, and fifth Saturdays of each month in Jackson Mississippi USA. We play all manner and scale of miniature war games, with a variety of published rules and our own efforts.

Visitors are always welcome in these public games.  If you let us know ahead of time, we can try to “save you a command.”  Even if that is not possible, we can always wedge you in somewhere.  There are no game fees or dues.

The game begins as soon after 10 am as we can get things set up, and it runs until the middle of the afternoon. We also fight private games in members’ homes. Some of these may be announced here and some may only be arranged “by word of mouth” because of space limitations.


For a number of years HOBBYTOWN USA allowed us to meet there, but available space limitations after they moved to a smaller location ended that.  Then we met at THE DRAGON’S LAIR in Pearl MS but since that store closed, most of our games have been in individual homes.

FONDREN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, located in the Fondren District of north Jackson has very kindly allowed us to have some games in their Fellowship Hall.  We acknowledge their support, fellowship and tolerance of us and thank them for it.


We are not organized in any manner.  There is no club government nor officers.  The Jackson Gamers have been in existence, in one form or another for more than 35 years.  Before that we were a group of students and gamers at Mississippi State University.  Like Topsy, we “just growed.”  We claim as members and friends (no distinction here) gamers in many locations over Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas.

We welcome contacts from gamers and other gaming groups!



10 responses to “Who Are We?

  1. Reading thru your WWII Skirmish rules – you show movement rates, but no modifiers to this movement by terrain (crossing walls, hedges, rough terrain).

  2. I have posted suggested movement modifiers on the “Movement” page of the Skirmish rules.

  3. Jay, and
    Bill and whoever want so see this;

    I actually ache when I see this web-site. How I long to be in a group like this. Jay, and your buddies do not know how stultified and sterile wargames are in most of the country. I have lived in several cities and been to many gamer groups and there is not ONE, not not ANY that is better than Jackson’s.

    I don’t want to belabor this, as I really envy you, but you were going to send me Naval rules, which I am lasciviously waiting for. I am too old for Viagra, but I would really get off on those rules!

    Your best buddy and arch nemesis (how can you remember all that crap!!)


  4. I moved back from Canada and live in Brandon MS now. On 468 in a nice little trailer park. It’s nice. Would love to game with you again. My number is 601-913-2467. Not sure if I can make tomorrows game. Having trouble with my blood sugar. Go figure. lol No clue where Jays house is but would love to play some 40k. I have a ton of models. More then you can easily shack a stick at.

  5. Hey I’m new to the area from memphis so I’m big in warhammer since the battle bunker is in memphis. I’m looking for any kind of table war games please contact me

    • Hello,

      The Jackson Gamers meet on the first, third and fifth Saturdays of each month. The next game is on September 12, 2015 at Jay Stribling’s house in Jackson MS. You may contact me directly at jstribl_jackson(at)yahoo.com for more information.

  6. Hi,
    I am recently arrived in the area (vicksburg) and I am looking for a group to game with and in general any information on game stores or venues. I am a broad based gamer, with heavy leanings towards historical (FOW, Bolt Action, SAGA, ect..) Howevr I also like other games such as Star Wars Xwing and beer and preztel games.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Bryan Green

  7. Hi:

    I have recently started spending a lot of time in Senatobia, MS for work (commute to Memphis). I am looking for anyone interested in historical miniatures gaming – at the moment, 25mm Civil War. Are there any wargamers nearer to Senatobia than Jackson – just looking for opponents.


    A. Gregory

  8. I live in Madison and have a deep untapped love for tabletop war games. I plan Bolt action occasionally when on the road for work but was not aware of any historical gamers around here. I would love to connect with you guys but I did not see a way to do that on the site. If I could get some information on how to connect I sure would appreciate it.

    Best regards


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