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With Massena against the British

The French perspective from our latest game using the Field of Glory: Napoleonic rules.  You can read the report at the Jackson Gamers blog.

A panoramic view from behind the French lines.



With Piction against the French

Phil invited us to his house today for an introduction to the Field of Glory: Napoleonic (FoG:N) rules.  Four of us had a nice game.  You can see the game from the British perspective at the Jackson Gamers blog.

The British center with a French corps deployed in the background.

Battle of Gorodetchna (July 1812/Aug 2012)

A couple of weeks after the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Gorodetchna between the Russians and the Austro-Saxons on the southern wing of Napoleon’s invasion of Russian, the Jackson Gamers fought an engagement loosely based on that battle.

Jackson Gamers refight the July 1812 Battle of Gorodetchna.

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