Troop Redeployment

This past Saturday some of the Jackson Gamers assisted Jay, Lord Sterling in moving his vast armies of “little lead men” from his old house in northeast Jackson to his new house in east Brandon.  With four pick-up trucks, one van, two compact SUVs, and Jay’s car, the redeployment went almost without a hitch.  The hitch, unfortunately, was the loss of the wargames table frame which came unsecured from Russ’ pick-up and smashed itself to splinters near the Pascagoula south-bound on ramp of IH-55.  Luckily no following vehicle was impacted by the flying frame.

Jay would like to thank Larry C., Larry R., Jim P., Sean P., Mark G., Fred D., Phil Y., Russ S., and Jerry A. for their assistance in the troop redeployment.  Without friends like these the armies would still be in transit, one small carload at a time.

Our next game is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 20, at Jay’s new house.  We’ll see if that actually happens.

Here are some pictures from the first trip’s unloading and the resulting stacks of troop and terrain boxes.

Larry R. and mark unloading Russ' truck

Larry R., Russ, and Mark unloading Russ’ truck

The start of the stacks in the two-car garage.

Start of one of the stacks on the back porch.

Phil unloading Jim’s CUV.

Troop boxes in the back of Mark’s pick-up.

The stacks in the garage get bigger.

The rear of the garage stack.

More stacking on the back porch.

And even more stacking on the back porch.

Taking a break before a brief tour of Jay’s new house.

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