2016 Q2 Game Schedule

April 2016

SATURDAY 4/2/16 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s home
Scale: 1/300
Title: Migs and Sabres
Setting: The Air war over Korea
Rules: Migs and Sabres
Notes: Fighters over Korea.
Gamemaster: Ed Sansing

SATURDAY 4/16/16 10:00AM.

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 25mm.
Title: Here come those people again!
Setting: The American Civil War
Rules: Bring up the Guns
Notes: Our first ACW game using this “Quick Play” rules set by Larry Brom. Previously we have played this set with our 1870 Franco-German war armies. Now we turn to the American civil war with U.S. Grand and “Bobby” Lee.
Gamemaster: Jim Pitts

MONDAY 4/25/16 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s home
Monday?: Mississippi has a strange holiday called “Confederate Memorial Day.” In 2016 it falls on April 25. So – Lets have a game!
Scale: 15mm.
Title: The Battle of the Blarney
Setting: The Crimean War
Rules: Command & Colors Napoleonic (Crimea!)
Notes: We have used these somewhat modified rules from the Command & Colors Napoleonic boardgame. Here we go again – but this time in 1854 for the Crimean War. The allies have invaded south Russia. We fought the Battle of the Alma last year, so we will insert a fictional battle here. The allies are crossing a small river in their slow advance on Sebastopol and the Irish troops nicknamed this rivulet “the Blarney”. Lets see how well the Russians do on the attack. Our first game – The Alma – was really a Russian fall-back. This one won’t be.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

SATURDAY 4/30/16 10:00AM.

Too Bad! Regretfully there is no game on this “5th Saturday”.

May 2016

SATURDAY 5/7/16 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s Home
Scale: 28mm.
Title: Unknown
Setting: Unknown
Rules: In der Fuhrer’s Face.
Notes: commandos and Paras vs. Germans in 1944/45. A semi-skirmish rules set based vaguely on Larry Brom’s The Sword and the Flame colonial rules.
Gamemaster: Ed Sansing and Jay Stribling

SATURDAY 5/21/16 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s home
Scale: 15mm
Title: At War with the IV Corps!
Setting: Dennewitz – September 1813
Rules: To the Sound of the guns
Notes: Bertrand’s French IV corps – up against three brigades of Bulow’s Prussian 3rd Corps. This is basically the French left wing and Prussian right win at the battle of Dennewitz.
Gamemaster: Larry Reeves

MONDAY 5/30/16 10:00AM. Memorial Day Holiday

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 1/6000
Title: The Battle of Jutland
Setting: WWI at Sea
Rules: Avalon Hill’s old Jutland boardgame – modified.
Notes: The largest surface battle between Dreadnought battleships and battle cruisers in history. Definately decisive or curiously indecisive – depending on how you look at it. Churchill once said that admiral Jellico (The British commander) was the only man “who could lose the war in an afternoon”. Jellicoe did not lose the battle, and the war went on for 2.5 more years.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

June 2016

SATURDAY 6/4/16 10:00AM.

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 15mm (with brigades being the smallest maneuver unit)
Title: Battle of Davis’ Crossroads (Sep 9-11, 1863)
Setting: The American Civil War
Rules: On To Richmond
Notes: On September 9 and 10, 1863, General Braxton Bragg’s Army of Tennessee could have inflicted a sharp set-back to Major General William Rosecrans’ Army of the Cumberland as it advanced through widely spaced gaps in Lookout Mountain trying to outflank the Confederates. But due to poor planning, confusing orders, and inadequate troop direction, the trap was not sprung. This game attempts to see what would have happened if …
Gamemaster: Jim Pitts

FRIDAY & SATURDAY June 10 thru 12

Location: St Francisville LA
Title: Bayou Wars 2016
Notes: The Jackson Gamers have traditionally had a strong presence in this regional gaming convention. This is the third year that it will be held in St. Francisville LA. The Jackson Gamers will be there, playing and putting on games!

SATURDAY 6/18/16 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s Home
Scale: 25mm.
Title: The Deadly Ground
Setting: The American Civil War
Rules: A new set of ACW rules blending our traditional rules “a la Brom” with the Command & Colors dice for hits..
Notes: An attempt to create a non-grid environment but using some of the C&C rules mechanics. Supposedly simpler than our traditional rules. A test game.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

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  1. Grant Bender

    Hello Jackson Gamers!
    I have recently moved here, and am excited to see an active group into historic wargaming! I’m primarily into naval historical games (especially the Cold War Era), and BattleTech (Not historical I know, just always loved the game for some reason), but will play anything that’s not Games Workshop, and hope you will be kind enough to get in touch with me to let me know how to get started with your group.
    Grant Bender

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