2018 Q2 Game Schedule

April 2018

SATURDAY 4/7/18 10:00AM.

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 25mm
Title: A scuffle in Korea
Setting: The Russo-Japanese War
Rules: The Sword and the Flame – Suitably modified
Notes: Acting as rear guard for a retreating Russian corps, the 2nd Siberian Rifle Regiment’s 3 battalions & 1 maxim gun reinforced by a small Amur Cossack Sotnia & 1 field gun must delay a pursuing Japanese column’s advanced guard (1st Infantry Regiment of 2 @ 4-company battalions & 1 maxim gun, reinforced by a 2-gun artillery battery and a dragoon squadron). Each force will have 100-125 figures.
Gamemaster: Steve Haller

SATURDAY 4/21/18 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s Home
Scale: 25mm
Title: Back into the Cauldron
Setting: The Napoleonic Wars in Europe.
Rules: Command & Colors Napoleonic
Notes: Jay loves this boardgame-derived rules set – so here we go again!
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

May 2018

SATURDAY 5/5/18 10:00AM.

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: ?
Title: To Free the Galaxy
Setting: In a galaxy far, far away…
Rules: Star Wars Miniatures Game
Notes: Really? What do we need to say about Star Wars fighter combat?
Gamemaster: Ed Sansing

SATURDAY 5/19/18 10:00AM.

Location: Russ Schneider’s home
Scale: 28mm
Title: The Lotus Blossom Blooms by Moonlight
Setting: Medieval Japan
Rules: Rules by Ral heavily modified
Gamemaster: Russ Schneider

June 2018

SATURDAY 6/2/18 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s home
Scale: 1/2400 Naval
Setting: Action in the Age of the Pre-Dreadnoughts
Rules: Broadside and Salvo [modified]
Notes: Play test of scenario for Bayou Wars game on June 9
Gamemaster: Jim Pitts


Location: Community center in D’Iberville MS
A regional gaming convention
Title: Bayou Wars 2018
Notes: The Jackson Gamers have traditionally had a strong presence in this regional gaming convention. I know that some of us are going.

SATURDAY 6/16/18 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s home
Scale: 25mm
Title: An unexpected crash of musketry
Setting: The battle of the wilderness during Grant’s “Overland” campaign.
Rules: Brom Fire-fight
Notes: Most of you have not played this rules set. There is a tremendous increase in the duration of the fire!
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

SATURDAY 6/30/18 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s home
Scale: 1/72 (20mm)
Title: Crossed Swords and Spears
Setting: During the Punic Wars.
Rules: L’Art de la Guerre
Notes: These rules are Phil’s current Go-To set for Ancient gaming.
Gamemaster: Phil Young

One response to “2018 Q2 Game Schedule

  1. Grant Bender

    Hello Jackson Gamers!
    I have recently moved here, and am excited to see an active group into historic wargaming! I’m primarily into naval historical games (especially the Cold War Era), and BattleTech (Not historical I know, just always loved the game for some reason), but will play anything that’s not Games Workshop, and hope you will be kind enough to get in touch with me to let me know how to get started with your group.
    Grant Bender

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