2016 Q1 Game Schedule

January 2016

SATURDAY 1/2/16 10:00AM.

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 25mm.
Title: The Emperor moves forward!
Setting: The Napoleonic Wars
Rules: Bring up the Guns
Notes: Our first Napoleonic game using this “Quick Play” rules set by Larry Brom. Previously we have played this set with our 1870 Franco-German war armies, but enough of Napoleon the little! We now return to the era of his uncle Napoleon the Corsican Ogre.
Gamemaster: Jim Pitts

SATURDAY 1/16/16 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s Home
Scale: 6mm ??
Title: On some miserable planet!
Setting: Some miserable planet…
Rules: Battletech – Alpha Strike
Notes: None yet
Gamemaster: Sean Pitts 

MONDAY 1/18/16 10:00AM.

Martin Luther King Holiday
Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 28mm
Title: Not yet announced
Setting: The 1846 Mexican-American War
Rules: Carnage and Glory
Gamemaster: Tim Chadwick

SATURDAY 1/30/16 10:00AM.

No Game on this day 
Jay Stribling is out of town and can not host the game 

February 2016

SATURDAY 2/6/16 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s Home
Jay Stribling is moving to a new home and requests the pleasure of the company of the Jackson gamers to help him move his armies and fleets. No Furniture! That will be done by professionals.

SATURDAY 2/15/16 10:00AM.

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 15mm
Title: The Fight for Langobardia
Setting: Conflict between the Norman states and the remnants of the Byzantine Empire in Italy
Rules: To the Strong
Notes: We’ll be using Jim’s vintage 15mm early Medieval armies to continue our familiarization with the To the Strongest rules.
Gamemaster: Jim Pitts

SATURDAY 2/20/16 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’s NEW Home
Scale: 10mm
Title: Not yet known
Setting: A very uncivil war
Rules: Drop Zone Commander
Notes: Science fiction ground combat.
Gamemaster: Ed Sansing

March 2016

SATURDAY 3/5/16 10:00AM.

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 25mm.
Title: On some miserable planet!
Setting: Some miserable planet…
Rules: Warhammer 40K
Notes: None yet
Gamemaster: Sean Pitts

SATURDAY 3/19/16 10:00AM.

Location: Jay Stribling’g Home
Scale: 1/1000 scale
Title: Engage the enemy more closely!
Setting: Napoleonic War at Sea
Rules: Bloody Broadsides! Perhaps slightly modified
Notes: We will used the Sails of Glory ships but with this rules set.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

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