2017 Q4 Game Schedule

October 2017

Saturday 10/7/17 10:00am.

Location: Jay Stribling’s house
Period Renaissance naval warfare.
Scale: Pirates of the Barbary Coast plastic galleys
Title: On the outskirts of Lepanto
Rules: Barbarossa Rules for Galley warfare in the Mediterranean.
Notes: To commemorate the 446th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto.
Gamemaster: Jim Pitts

Monday 10/9/17 10:00am.

Holiday Game In the past we have had games on Columbus day but this year there is no game scheduled for this holiday.

Saturday 10/21/17 10:00am.

Location: Jay Stribling’s house
Scale: 25mm
Period The American Civil War
Title: “We flushed em out like partridges”
Rules: The Sword and Secession
Notes: This is semi-skirmish rules set. A Variant for Larry Brom’s rules set The Sword and the Flame, set in the American Civil War.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

November 2017

Saturday 11/4/17

Location: Jay Stribling’s house
Scale: 25mm
Period The Napoleonic Wars
Title: “The Archduke Charles Strikes Back”
Rules: To the Sound of the Guns
Notes: A completely fictitious Austrian vs. French battle.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

Saturday 11/18/17 10:00am.

Game: No Game!
Rules: N/A
Notes: Due to activities in and around Fondren Presbyterian church in Jackson, Jim Pitts has had to cancel the game set for this weekend.

December 2017

Saturday 12/2/17 10:00am.

Location: Russ Schneider’s House in Raymond
Scale: 28mm
Title: Don’t Commit Seppuku Yet!
Rules: Russ’ Modified “Rules by Ral for Samurai”
Notes: A Napoleonic Game using Larry’s 15mm armies.
Gamemaster: Russ schneider

Saturday 12/16/17 10:00am.

Location: Jay Stribling’s House
Scale: 15mm
Title: The Bulge
Rules: Kampfgruppe Brom
Notes: This will be a “Bulge” game. It will be a 15mm game using a modified set of Larry Brom’s rules which we call Kampfgruppe Brom.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

Saturday 12/30/17 10:00am.

No Game Happy holidays for all!

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