2017 Q3 Game Schedule

July 2017

Saturday 7/1/17 10:00am.

Location: Jay Stribling’s home
Scale: 28mm
Period: Franco-Prussian War
Title: Ransacking the wagons
Rules: Chassepot & Needlegun
Notes: After the disaster at Sedan, a detachment of French infantry descends from the hills to capture & loot a Prussian supply column.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

Tuesday 7/4/17 .

Holiday Game In the past we have had games on July 4th but this year there is no game scheduled for this holiday.

Thursday 7/13/17 through Sunday 7/16/17.

Location Fredericksburg Virginia
The Worlds’ largest Miniature Gaming Convention
Most years, the Jackson Gamers send a delegation to Historicon to game, gape at the presentations, and spend $$$ on troops and scenery. This year will be no exception. Attending this year’s Historicon were John Murdaugh, Jim Pitts, Ed Sansing, Travis Melton, Russ Schneider, and Jay Stribling. “Extended -range” Jackson gamer Tim Chadwick was also there.

Saturday 7/15/17 10:00am.

(This is Historicon Weekend)
Location: No game on this day unless ‘you’ want to put one on.
Notes: None stated at this time

Saturday 7/29/17 10:00am.

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church, 3220 Old Canton Road, Jackson MS
Scale: 28mm
Period: Franco-Prussian War
Title: “Once More into the Breech, Mes Ami!”
Rules: Chassepot & Needlegun
Notes: Once more the valiant forces of the French Army of the Loire attempt to open the road to Paris and relieve the siege. Can they accomplish their patriotic mission or will the hob-nailed heels of the Prussian invaders throw them back again? Will you be shouting “Vive la France!” or “Gott mit Uns!” as you command your stalwart metal miniatures?
Gamemaster: Jim Pitts

August 2017

Saturday 8/5/17 10:00am.

Location: Jay Stribling’s home
Scale: 15mm
Period: World War II
Title: Another day, another town!
Rules: Kampfgruppe Brom a set of Napoleonic/ACW rules used in WWII.
Notes: A meeting engagement between armor and infantry both German and American. Each player will have a company of infantry and a few tanks.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

Saturday 8/19/17 10:00am.

Location: Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 1/1200
Title: To Glory we steer!
Rules: Bloody Broadsides
Notes: We will use the Bloody Broadsides rules to play a Napoleonic Naval Game using our Sails of Glory miniature ships. Let us all try to remember port from starboard!
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

September 2017

Saturday 9/02/17 10:00am.

Location: Jay Stribling can not participate in a game on this day.
Scale: ?
Period: Unknown
Title: None Specified
Rules: None Specified
Gamemaster: Could it be you?

Monday 9/04/17 10:00am. Labor Day

Holiday Jay Stribling can not participate in a game on this day.
Location: Unknown
Notes: Would you like to have a game? Can you host it?
Gamemaster: None yet

Saturday 9/8 through 9/10/2017

Location: Forrest County Multi-purpose Facility – Hattiesburg MS
Event: Hubcon An annual game convention for gamers in southern and central Mississippi. This “con” features competitive gaming and all manner of interesting games.
Notes: The Jackson Gamers often visit and play games at this convention.
Convention contact: Tim Broome

Saturday 9/16/17 10:00am.

Location: Jay Stribling’s home
Scale: 15mm
Period: World War II
Title: The Germans Strike Back!
Rules: Rules: Kampfgruppe Brom a set of Napoleonic/ACW rules used instead for WWII battles.
Notes: A strong force of German infantry, supported by tanks descends on detachments of the 28th division in December 1944.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

Saturday 9/30/17 10:00am.

Location: Not yet specified.
Scale: Unkown
Title: Unkown
Rules: Unkown
Notes: None at this time.

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