2017 Q2 Game Schedule

April 2017

Saturday 4/1/17 10:00am.

Location: Jay Stribling’s house
Scale: 15mm.
Title: Caesar Victorious
Setting: An imaginary battle during the Roman Civil Wars – Caesar vs. Pompey
Rules: Command & Colors Ancients
Notes: This is a boardgame which we have “miniaturized” with a hex-grid table and 15mm Ancient troops. Some of these figures (most of them) were accumulated back when Sam Maxwell tempted us into ancient gaming in the 1980s.
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

Saturday 4/15/17 10:00am.

Location Jim Pitts’ garage
Scale: 28mm
Title: Stop those foragers!
Setting: Somewhere in central Germania
Rules: Batailles de l’Ancien Regime (BAR)
Notes: The forces of the Reichsarmee Kreis Obere Sachsen attempt to stop a foraging expedition by the Armee Abteilung Thüringen.
Gamemaster: Jim Pitts

Saturday 4/29/17 10:00am.

Location Fondren Presbyterian Church
Scale: 15mm
Title: Dyrrachium, Another Pyrrhic Victory?
Setting: Conflict between the Byzantine Empire and the upstart Normans from southern Italy.
Rules: To the Strongest!
Notes: This will be a play-test for the game that Jim Pitts will run at Bayou Wars in June.
Gamemaster: Jim Pitts

May 2017

Saturday 5/6/17 10:00am.

Location Jay Stribling’s house
Scale: 6mm
Title: Cold War goes hot
Setting: West Germany 1981
Rules: Cold War Commander
Notes: The Cold War has gone hot. The Warsaw Pact pushes west into Germany. Can the units of the US VII Corps and German II Corps halt their advance?
Gamemaster: Ed Sansing

Saturday 5/20/17 10:00am.

Location Unknown
Scale: Unknown
Title: Unknown
Setting: Unknown
Rules: Unknown
Notes: No game has been decided upon. Would YOU like to run a game on this day?
Gamemaster: Not yet specified

Monday 5/29/17 10:00am. Memorial Day!

Location Jay Stribling’s house – No Game Today
Scale: N/A
Title: N/A
Setting: N/A
Rules: N/A
Notes: There was to be a game using the Commands & Colors boardgame rules with 15mm Ancients. However, this had to be cancelled.
Gamemaster: N/A

June 2017

Friday 6/2/17 through Sunday 6/4/17

Location St Francisville LA
Setting: The Magnuson Hotel
Rules: Many! All manner of games
Notes: The Jackson Gamers always send a delegation to this regional convention and present a number of games. We plan on doing so again this year. Please join us for lots of gaming fun.

Saturday 6/17/17 10:00am.

Location Jay Stribling’s house
Scale: 15mm
Title: Russians vs. Turks
Setting: Either the Crimean war (1855) or the Russo-Turkish war (1877)
Rules: Modified Brom rules (or maybe home rules)
Notes: I am hoping to have enough of my 1877 armies finished to do the Russo-Turkish war, but if not, we will fall back to 1855 and fight some made-up battle in the Crimean War
Gamemaster: Jay Stribling

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